Meet Single Sugar Mummy Toni In South Africa she needs a man

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Meet Single Sugar Mummy Toni In South Africa In Search Of Serious Relationship.

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Here is her message to us...

A colleague of mine referred me to this website that i will surely find my dream guy here. Lol. It was a while back. Kinda skeptical about involving in this probably because of the sugar mummy attached to it.

It’s so unrealistic of me wallowing in my self-pity and misery and yet be judgments.
Well, I don’t wish to say much and beat around the bush. Let me just hit the point, I’m a control freak, it so hard keeping a relationship. Very hard for me.

I’ve been in and out of a relationship, well men enjoy control and they like to be men at all time but I prefer to be the queen who rules at every corner of her life.

I’m a boss in my own career, I’m doing so well for myself. I have enough money to buy me anything. So … why shouldn't I control the men in my life.

I could imagine, you are wondering what I’m doing on a hookup site when i don’t need a man. Well, I don’t want you getting it all wrong, I need a man. But I need a man I can control.

I believe that’s what Sugar Mummy is all about, make the woman superior over her sugar boy.
Well, I prefer he’s my boyfriend because it’s all about monogamy for me. I believe in one man and one woman.

I don’t mind if he’s broke or financially struggling. I can help him stand on his feet. Provide for him. I’d also like us to live together.

I’m 36 years old and the age range of future boyfriend should be 25 – 36. Looks matters to me a lot. appearance. He must be a very appealing, cute face, tall and rangy but fit sort of look. I’m very cute. Must be an African. I appreciate west African men.

If he’s South Africa and fits into my spec, fine. Otherwise, west Africans are just unique.
Please, it’s important he’s literate and can hold a conversation. I get irritated with guys without common sense.

So admin, forward me every interested person, let me choose. I don’t mind what part of the world he’s In, I’ll pay and arrange his trip to South Africa where I reside. Awaiting your prompt response.

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