A beautiful and rich sexy sugar mommy in the USA is ready to marry you

A beautiful and rich sexy sugar mommy in the USA is currently looking for a hot, naughty, gigantic and energetic guy who is passionate, romantic and affectionate to be her boyfriend and lover, and possibly lead to marriage.

This is a message sent to us by Shandy...

My name is Shandy From the USA. A good friend of mine referred to me this website that i could get reliable men and loving men from this website.

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I am Loyal, responsible, active, loving, caring, kindhearted, warm, accommodating, sexy, compassionate, welcoming to people generally, I am also a one man lady, I love to sing, listen to music, swimming, watching TV, movies, and comedies.

I also love intimacy and I want a man with a good heart, someone with good knowledge about how to love and who knows how to treat a lady with the utmost respect.

I don't mind your age or color difference it doesn't matter to me at all, as long as you will love me infinitely, I'm looking for a relationship that will last forever and won’t fade no matter what.

I need to find my best friend and lover wrapped up into one. I want to meet a life partner that I can't wait to wake up in the morning to see or get home from work to share smiles, laughs good conservation with.

What I am seeking is a man who is strong (but not overbearing), loyal, respectful, kind, loving and sweet. That carries himself like the king.

That will arouse my intellect as well as physical desires. I'm Looking for a that someone that I can share my entire self with. Someone that is not afraid to be loved as well expresses love.

I'm seeking for a serious and long term relationship, someone that I'm ready and is ready to spend the rest of my life with.

I have a dream to meet a responsible and serious man who is ready to start a serious relationship, someone who will want to have a family and children! I am still a young woman but I am ready to make this step in my life.

I wish to see my man a little bit romantic, caring, and loyal, who is ready to compromise, who wants to listen and hear me, who will discuss everything with me. who will love me and I will have the same feelings in my heart! We will be the happiest couple on our planet!

Please drop your Whatsapp contact(and location) in the comment session below, I will check back later and add whomever I want. It is going to be an added advantage if you have an international passport because seriously, I will like to meet you one on one.

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  1. I love you when I first show you love. I love you very much. I want to marry you. I want to marry you. Take me to your country. I will love you so much.


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